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Oracle On Purpose | Lia Dunlap

Jul 5, 2022

The "hustle culture" is a pandemic in many parts of the world. To hustle means pushing oneself to the maximum level, celebrating the collective addiction to busyness, and the constant doing, doing, doing. 

Recognizing how this creates toxicity and kills creativity, it's time we rethink whether the "grind" is worth...

Jun 21, 2022

The truth of the matter is that all of us will die. But the question is: can we truly live? 

✔️ Many of us wake up every morning and try to prove to everyone how successful and worthy we can become. Whatever these ideas we need to achieve, we tell ourselves we must feel that we've finally made it. 

✔️ When...

Apr 5, 2022

How many retreats have you attended that just felt blah? 

Take a bet on yourself and see how MCAR is different. The people who will be in this room with you are your fellow queens in the castle. Imagine that you're getting to hold court with some of the most amazing women doing the most incredible things in their lives...

Mar 8, 2022

Are you ready to finally be your own kind of wonderful?

I’ve spent the last 40 years keeping my unique self alive, and honestly, it wasn’t always easy.

But what I’d like to instill in this episode is that no matter which corporation you belong to or your family background, you’ll always have that brand of...

Oct 26, 2021

Are you a person who is always WAITING for opportunities to come your way? 

Are you constantly weighing and PONDERING on your next move?

Have you gone RESEARCHING forever without coming up with a conclusion?

How many friends and coaches have you kept ASKING, and you're still stuck in that place of indecision?

Key points...