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Oracle On Purpose | Lia Dunlap

Aug 23, 2022

Are you feeling frustrated with your manifestation habit?

Do you think that the law of attraction isn’t working out for you?

Check your subconscious voice and the story you tell yourself based on your past experience.

If you went through a pattern of failed attempts and still hold resentment of these instances, these could be blocking your ability to receive.

We don’t get what we desire, we get what we expect.

WATCH: You Get What You Expect...Even When You Don't Want It.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Rewrite your subconscious playbook. When you allow your past experiences to extrapolate the future, you affirm the expectation of failure. Pause, and take the time to dig into the deeper reasons for your innate pessimism to make the change happen.

✔️ Evaluate and choose your story.  Grab the ingrained belief and consider — Is it a societal agreement? Does it align with your values? If not, choose to disagree. You have the self-sovereignty to go for what is true to you.

✔️ Find the vibrational counter to your triggers. When you are faced with your fears, you can decide whether you allow yourself to be terrified, or to reaffirm that it’s nothing to be scared of. Take control of the wheel. Flip the switch.

✔️ Break the negative cycle. When you move the pieces, you’ll be able to bring yourself in better alignment with your desires and break down the innate expectation for the worst.

✔️ Expect the best results. Even if you’ve failed constantly before or forever ago, every time you try, believe that the outcome can be different.


The Oracle on Purpose podcast is for the intuitive entrepreneurs or inspired leaders who want a powerhouse business that makes money while making a difference in the world. It's time to find your unique life purpose and get back on track with your business strategy to become fulfilled in your work. 

About Lia Dunlap:

Dubbed the Oracle on Purpose, Lia Dunlap's Intuitive Guidance and 25 years of successful operational business experience will help you find your Unique Life Purpose. Get back on track with your business strategy to become fulfilled again in the work you do. It's time to remember... You are here on purpose. You've got a mission to fulfill, and we are here to make sure, no matter what, you achieve it.

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