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Oracle On Purpose | Lia Dunlap

Oct 11, 2022

It seems crazy because we just finished, but we are already planning the Master Creators Alchemy Retreat next July, and the mastermind in April for the Master Creators Guild! 

They have one word to describe our events - LIT! 🔥

If you've always wanted to join my retreats but weren't so ready to make that investment, I'm willing to open more doors for those who wish to attend the life-changing events I facilitate for my clients. Help me design the experience you want and make the best aha moments we provide more accessible for you. 

It's time you join us on the NEXT one. 

✔️ At the Master Creators Guild, spiritually-minded business leaders come together for solutions to difficulties in life and business. Here, they grow into their purpose and increase their prosperity. Here, they find a space big enough to contain their greatness. 

Many find that they don't quite fit in so many places they have come to. Sometimes they feel like the unicorn, and sometimes, they feel like the outcast or the rebel. In the Master Creators Guild, everyone is welcomed and celebrated. 

✔️ Help us design a fantastic experience for you! We could help to impact more people by allowing the pricing structure to be slightly different. So I'm curious, would that make a difference, and which would you prefer? Let us know if you want to make arrangements on your own rather than the all-inclusive (resort, meals, and excursions are covered) that we currently do.

✔️ I get so excited to do these surprising, scintillating things with my clients! You miss an amazing program if you haven't joined the Master Creators Guild yet. We've had remarkable success with people in the group, and next year we are set on having two different masterminds to accommodate more! In April, off we go to Costa Rica!

Do you want IN? Send me a message, and let's get you started.


The Oracle on Purpose podcast is for the intuitive entrepreneurs or inspired leaders who want a powerhouse business that makes money while making a difference in the world. It's time to find your unique life purpose and get back on track with your business strategy to become fulfilled in your work. 

About Lia Dunlap:

Dubbed the Oracle on Purpose, Lia Dunlap's Intuitive Guidance and 25 years of successful operational business experience will help you find your Unique Life Purpose. Get back on track with your business strategy to become fulfilled again in the work you do. It's time to remember... You are here on purpose. You've got a mission to fulfill, and we are here to make sure, no matter what, you achieve it.

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